What Is a Fecal Transplant?



What is a fecal transplant and who would want one? It all boils down to your gut microbiota

2D6AE5A5-3503-4C4F-BF9109152EDBE0E2.jpg?w=590&h=393&7077272D-B9CD-4B29-8D5FBE3AE5336D88Gut bacteria microbiome. Credit: Getty ImagesAdvertisement

QDTbadges-EE.pngWe have roughly the same amount of bacterial cells in our body as we do human cells, if not more. Our microbiome of bacteria, fungi, and viruses are populated by more than 10,000 different species that help protect us against infections and even assist in our reproductive health. The microscopic creatures living in our gut specifically help us digest food, aid our metabolism, and fight off gastrointestinal infections. In fact, our gut microbiome plays such an important role in our health that doctors are looking at ways to harness that power for fighting off infections.

Harnessing the power of the gut microbiome may sound pretty sophisticated, but what I’m really talking about here is poop. Specifically, poop transplants. How do poop transplants work and why would someone go in search of a poop donor in order to get a transplant?

What Is a Fecal Transplant?

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