SpaceX gets set to reveal its first customer for BFR flight around the moon and back


News Brief: A year and a half after saying it had two passengers signed up for a privately funded flight around the moon, SpaceX says it will reveal the first passenger’s identity on Monday. In a tweet, SpaceX said the mission would be “an important step toward enabling access for everyday people who dream of traveling to space.” The launch vehicle would be SpaceX’s yet-to-be-built BFR (Big Falcon Rocket), which is expected to be ready by the early 2020s, rather than the Falcon Heavy as previously planned. So let the guessing game begin: Will the first named passenger be Google co-founder Sergey Brin? Would-be moon traveler (and billionaire) Harald McPike? Register your pick in the comment section. I’m willing to mail a free pair of 3-D glasses to the first commenter with the right guess.

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