An artist used AI to generate nude portraits and the results are completely horrifying


A recent high school graduate has used AI to generate nude portraits, and the results are so disturbing.

By combining a collection of nude portraits and a methodology called Progressive Growing of GANs, Robbie Barrat (aka @DrBeef_) attempted to train a neural network to generate its own nude portraits.


GANs, or Generative Adversarial Networks, are computer networks that learn by generating new data based on an existing datasets, then evaluating if this new data fits with the existing data.

Both the generating aspect of the network and the evaluating part learn by competing with each other. The generator tries to fool the evaluator into believing its new data belongs in the original dataset and the evaluator tries to catch out the generator.

The “Progressive Growing” aspect refers to how new data is introduced to the network in a way that gradually increases complexity to help the AI software learn while remaining stable.

Ultimately, Barrat admitted on his website, the machine failed to learn proper human anatomy. Instead, it started generating surreal and rather disturbing blobs of flesh.

The result? Beautiful and unnerving art.

Here are some AI generated nude portraits I’ve been working on

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